Beal - Dynaclip 40cm

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Main Features of Beal Dynaclip 40cm

  • Dynamic lanyard for clipping anchors on sports routes
  • Reduces the impact force to less than half that of a dyneema sling in a factor 1 fall
  • Colours Vary

The Beal Dynaclip is a dynamic lanyard specifically designed for clipping anchors on sport climbing routes. Larks-foot it into your belay loop and use it as you would a sling. The big difference being that in a factor 1 fall the Beal Dynaclip reduces the impact force to less than half of that of a dyneema sling.

Safety Information
Product Impace Force Factor 1 / 80kg Nnumber of Falls Factor 1 / 80kg Impact Force Factor 2 / 80kg Number of Falls Factor 2 / 80kg Breaking Load
Dynaclip 6.2 kN >20 9.5 kN 8 1500 daN (kg)
Not sure why more people don't use these. It's better than using a sling because it won't snap if you accidentally fall on to it after clipping it into a belay or bolt.
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