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Beal - Ice Line 8.1mm 60m GoldenDry Pair Deal

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Specification for the Beal Ice Line 8.1mm 60m GoldenDry

  • Pair Deal: 2 climbing ropes (different colours shipped)
  • Length: 60 metres
  • Diameter: 8.1mm
  • Impact Force: 4.9kN
  • Weight per metre: 42g
  • No. of falls: 9 to 10
  • Dynamic Elongation: 37%
  • Static Elongation: 11.5%
  • Sheath Percentage: 41%
  • Sheath Slippage: 0mm
  • Dry Treatment: Golden Dry - Sheath and Core

The Beal Ice Line is probably the best Mountaineering and Icefall climbing half rope available. You'll appreciate its lack of weight when you're trailing 60 m of rope behind you whilst its super slim diameter cuts down rope drag to a minimum. It also has the lowest impact force of any half rope which makes it a lot safer when you're relying on ice screws, pegs or other marginal gear for your protection.

The Ice Line features Beal's Golden Dry treatment which ensures that both the sheath and core stay dry whatever the weather throws at you.

Please note: The Beal Ice Line 8.1mm GoldenDry 60m Pair comes in various contrasting colours and may differ from the image shown.

Beal GoldenDry

Every filament of the sheath and the core of GoldenDry ropes is treated with a water repellent chemical before the rope is manufactured. This chemical covering is polymerised at high temperature. The durability of this treatment is given by the polymerisation, but also because of the individual treatment of each filament before the rope is made. A GoldenDry rope is a rope with the core Dry treated, and a sheath of Dry Cover.

Key features:
  • Very limited weight gain in wet conditions
  • Prevents the rope thickening too much
  • Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices
  • Improved abrasion resistance in normal climbing use


The UNICORE process bonds the sheath of the rope to the core. This prevents sheath slippage, but also helps to keep the structural integrity of the rope if it is cut or damaged.

Key features:
  • Sheath slippage is eliminated
  • Allows safe escape should the sheath be cut
  • Rope cutting is easy: no hot knife required
  • Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices
  • Reduction of shrinkage in water by more than 50%

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