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Beal - Stinger III 9.4mm Drycover 60m

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Specification for the Beal Stinger III 9.4mm Unicore DryCover 60m

  • Diameter: 9.4mm
  • Impact Force: 7.5kN
  • Weight per metre: 57g
  • No. of falls: 7
  • Dynamic Elongation: 37%
  • Static Elongation: 9.5%
  • Sheath Percentage: 38%
  • Sheath Slippage: 0mm
  • Dry Treatment: DryCover - Sheath only

When the need for a lightweight climbing rope is the main issue then Beal's state-of-the-art Stinger III 9.4mm DryCover is the rope to go for. Don't let the 9.4mm diameter phase you as the Stinger III 60m will allow those long pitches to be completed without the hassle of a thicker, heavier climbing rope to hold you back.

Whether its sport routes at your limit or long run-outs in the mountains if you want to reduce the weight at your waist or in your pack then consider the Beal Stinger III 9.4mm DryCover


Every filament in the sheath of Beal DryCover ropes is treated with a water repellent chemical before the rope is manufactured. This chemical covering is polymerised at high temperature to prolong the life of the dry treatment, thus adding to the durability of the rope. On a Beal DryCover rope, the core is not treated.

Key features:
  • Very limited weight gain in wet conditions
  • Prevents the rope thickening too much
  • Improved rope-running through karabiners and belay devices
  • Improved abrasion resistance in normal climbing use

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