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Black Diamond - ATC Guide 2019

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Main Features of the Black Diamond ATC Guide

  • Silky smooth, multi-function belay device with self-braking guide mode
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • High Friction Mode for greater control and holding power
  • Normal Friction Mode for normal climbing and rappelling
  • Guide Mode for direct belaying, locks if the second falls and has release and lowering capabilities
  • Unique release point built into the uni
  • Oval shaped anchor hole allows rope feeding and for you to pull rope more easily
  • Great holding power on skinny ropes
  • Suitable for ropes from 8.1mm to 11mm in diameter
  • Single Ropes: 8.9mm-11mm
  • Half Ropes: 8.1mm-11mm
  • Twin Ropes: 8.1mm-11mm
  • Weight: 80g

The hot-forged ATC-Guide is a versatile multi-function belay device, with dual-friction belay and abseil modes. There is also a Guide Mode for belaying one or two seconding climbers.

In Guide Mode the ATC Guide can be attached directly to the belay and will lock if the seconding climber falls. This is particularly useful when climbing long alpine rock routes with bolted belays, making progress much faster and changeovers more efficient. With an oval-ized anchor-hole, the device now feeds rope and allows you to pull rope in more easily. Plus, due to a unique release system, the belayer has the ability to lower a climber regardless of weight differences between the climber and belayer.

This is my go to belay device. It works well with my 8.5mm ropes and I also use it to abseil into sea cliffs. I've used the guide mode occasionally, mainly abroad and it makes life easy especially on easy terrain where you need to take in quickly.
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