Black Diamond ATC Pilot Review

by Urban Rock

The Black Diamond ATC Pilot is an assisted braking belay device designed for 8.7mm - 10.5mm single ropes.

The ATC Pilot makes belaying a lot less strenous when the climber is working a route due to it's assisted braking. The dead end of the rope still has to be locked off however less strain is needed to keep the rope from slipping through.

Installing the rope: The rope is installed the same way as a normal tube style device making it easy and intuitive to use.

Lowering the climber: When lowering someone you have to have one hand on the device with your thumb on the 'thumb catch' to control the lowering speed and the other hand on the dead rope. This took a bit of getting used to but I was soon lowering the climber smoothly after a couple of routes. The speed can be easily adjusted by tilting the device towards or away from you.

Paying out slack: You can pay out slack the same way as a normal tube belay device or quickly by dragging the thumb catch foward whilst keeping hold of the dead rope. This can also take a bit of getting used to if coming from a Petzl Grigri.

Overal the Black Diamond ATC Pilot is a great device especially if you normally use a tube style device as it is fairly similar to use. The assisted braking gives you an extra bit of security which is always good! It is also light weight at only 86g.

See the video below for instructions or shop here!


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