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Black Diamond - ATC Pilot

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Main Features of the Black Diamond ATC Pilot

  • For use with 8.7mm - 10.5mm ropes
  • Smooth rope pay-out
  • Controlled lowering
  • Added security with single-pitch belays
  • Weight : 86g

The Black Diamond ATC Pilot is the newest belay device from Black Diamond. The rope is installed the same way as a standard ATC however with the ATC Pilot there is assisted braking. The large hook on the device is used to 'unlock' the rope when paying out slack quickly. Lower the climber smoothly by tilting the device. The ATC Pilot makes belaying less tiring for the belayer when working on a route. See the video below for a tutorial and check out our review here!

Also available as the Big Air Pilot Package

If you have used an ATC style device before then you'll be able to use this quickly. The only difference is the way you lower someone however I got used to it very quickly. I like the assisted braking as it gives me a little bit more comfort.
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