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Black Diamond - Camalot C4 Size 3

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Main Features of the Black Diamond Camalot™ C4 Size 3

  • Double-axle cam with a large camming range
  • 10% Lighter tahn previous model
  • C Loop continuous cable stem
  • Lightweight cam lobes
  • Smooth camming action
  • Thick nylon sling for added durability
  • Colour coded for size identification
  • Lighter sculpted lopes optimized for strength to weight
  • Slings are updated visually for easier differentiation when racking
  • Double-axle design offers the widest range for each cam unit
  • C-Loop continuous cable stem design is strong and durable
  • Weight (Size 3): 181.1g

The Black Diamond Camalot™ C4 is a premium camming device with a very smooth action, double-axle design and single flexible stem.The double axle and 14.5 degree camming angle allows for a larger expansion range than most other cams, and the thumb loop makes the Camalot™ easy to handle and difficult to drop! Black Diamond have stuck with a nylon sling for it's resistance to abrasion.

Black Diamond Camalot™
Size Colour Range Strength Weight
0.3 Blue 13.8 - 23.4mm 8kN 69.8g
0.4 Grey 15.5 - 26.7mm 10kN 77.5g
0.5 Purple 19.6 - 33.5mm 12kN 93g
0.75 Green 23.9 - 41.2mm 14kN 107.5g
1 Red 30.2 - 52.1mm 14kN 123.9g
2 Yellow 37.2 - 64.9mm 14kN 140.3g
3 Blue 50.7 - 87.9mm 14kN 181.1g
4 Grey 66 - 114.7mm 14kN 257.8g
5 Purple 85.4 - 148.5mm 14kN 348.1g
6 Green 114.1 - 195mm 14kN 529.9g

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