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Black Diamond - Express Ice Screw 16cm

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Main Features of the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw 16cm

  • Ice screw with advanced tooth geometry for easier starting and faster placement
  • Large clour coded crank knobs for easy selection and uninterrupted 360° motion
  • Stainless steel hangers with two clip points
  • Available in 5 lengths: 10cm, 13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 22cm, colour-coded for quick indexing (see table below)
  • CE certified, patented
  • Weight: See table below
  • Strength: 10kN (NB-10cm screw only rated for progression)
  • Screw material: Chromly Steel
  • Hanger material: Stainless Steel

The Black Diamond Express Ice Screw sets the benchmark for fast placing ice screws. The handy crank knob pops up so you can wind the screw in easily even with big gloves on and the teeth are sharp and bite the ice well when starting the placement. The tube is tapered so the teeth cut a hole slightly bigger than the tube itself creating less friction as you wind the screw in and feel the satisfying tightening for a perfect placement.

Black Diamond Express Ice Screw
Length Colour Weight
10cm Red 134g
13cm Yellow 141g
16cm Blue 145g
19cm Grey 159g
22cm Purple 168g
I've been using Black Diamond Ice screws for years. Best ice screws out there. Good price and quick delivery from these guys.
Places quickly, not too heavy. Used for a couple of seasons. Have taken to Norway and frequent Scottish winter climbing.
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