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Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor

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Main Features of the Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor

  • Personal Anchor System made fron 12mm Dyneema
  • Full strength 22kn loops
  • Can be clipped on any loop: easy and quick to adjust distance from belay
  • Longer end loop can be larks-footed into your harness
  • Safer than daisy chains: all loops are full strength (daisy chains are designed for body weight applications only)
  • Safer, more convenient and more adjustable than using slings or quickdraws at the anchor
  • Material: 12mm Dyneema®
  • Overall length: 87.5 cm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Strength: 22kN

The Black Diamond Link Anchor is a quick and safe way to clip into belays. Each link is fully strength - 22kn, making it a much stronger and safer option than a diasychain. It also has color-coded base and end loops for easy tie-in and clip-in identification.

Been using this to make belays, not bad!
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