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Black Diamond - Vaporlock Magnetron

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Main Features of the Black Diamond Vaporlock Magnetron

  • Ultralight Screwgate Karabiner
  • Uses two magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the nose for super-secure, interference-free closure
  • One-hand operable
  • Pear shape increases friction up to 30% when lowering or rappelling with an ATC
  • Keylock nose doesn't snag
  • Weight: 56g

The ultralight Vaporlock Magnetron is ideal for belaying, making anchors or rappelling, and its keylock nose prevents snagging on slings and ropes. The Magnetron lock makes the biner quick and easy to use whilst also secure.

Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate Karabiner
Strengths Gate Opening Weight
Closed Gate - 21kN 20mm 56g
Open Gate - 7kN
Minor Axis - 8KN

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