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Boot Bananas - Boot Bananas

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Main Features of Boot Bananas

  • Banana shaped deodorisers for your climbing shoes
  • Moisture absorbing with a fresh scent
  • Handmade in the UK using all-natural ingredients
  • The size of 'real' bananas!
  • Contains: sodium bicarbonate, bamboo charcoal, zeolite, dried lavender flowers and lemon, patchouli, lavender and tea tree essential oils
  • Sold as a pair

The perfect solution for stinky climbing shoes. These banana shaped shoe deodorisers fit neatly into your shoes, and help to keep the smells at bay. Boot Bananas contain natural ingredients and powders that help to deodorise as well as dry your shoes out, and work particularly well.

The earlier you use them in your climbing shoe's life, the more effective they are and, like real bananas they gradually turn brown as they get older. When completely brown it's time to buy a new pair!

The boot banana's are well worth the money. They don't completely get rid of the smell but do drastically help. I've had mine for almost a year now and they still work as if they are brand new.
Definitely keeps the smell of my shoes to a minimum!!
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