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Climbing Technology - Alpine Up

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Main Features of the Climbing Technology Alpine Up Belay Device

  • Lightweight belay device with assisted braking for alpine climbing
  • Three belay modes: Click Up mode, Dynamic mode, Guide mode
  • Self-locking abseil mode using folded handle
  • Can be used with half or twin ropes from 7.3 to 9 mm or with single ropes from 8.6 to 10.5 mm
  • Supplied with a Concept Karabiner
  • Allows you to quickly and fluidly feed rope without jamming
  • Allows you to arrest a fall simply by pulling down the free hand of the rope
  • Smooth control during the descent
  • Diagrams for rope installation engraved on belay device
  • Certification: EN 15151-2:2012 type 2
  • Weight: 175g

The Alpine Up is a complete belay/rappel device developed especially for mountaineering. It can be used with half, twin and single ropes. It's unique design allows self-locking abseiling by using a folded handle, and it can be used in three different belay modes, depending on the terrain.

CLICK UP MODE (Hand assisted braking)

  • Belaying a lead climber on multi pitch sport climbing routes (bolted)
  • Self-locking abseiling, using the folding handle
  • Absolute safety, even if the rope is incorrectly inserted

Belay in 'Click Up' mode for well bolted. multi pitch sport climbing routes. Similar to standard belay technique simply click the Concept Karabiner into your belay loop, insert the ropes into the Alpine Up following the instructions on the device, then clip into your karabiner much like a normal belay device. Belay as you would with any belay device. If the rope is weighted as in a sudden fall, the Alpine Up will go into lock position thus assisting the braking as you pull down to hold the fall. To release grip the Alpine Up and push it upwards whilst holding the free end of the rope with your hand. To lower, push down on the Alpine Up with your palm to prevent it locking, for smooth and easy lowering. 'Click Up' mode can also be used to belay the leader directly from the belay. To use the self-locking abseil mode simply fold out the handle and push down whilst abseiling (See video).

Dynamic Mode (Manual braking)

  • Belaying a lead climber on alpine route or ice climbing (friends, nuts and pitons)
  • Braking friction with “V” grooves, similar to a tube device
  • Abseiling with “V” grooves brake

You can also belay in 'Dynamic' mode on alpine routes or multi pitch routes with traditional protection. In Dynamic mode there is no assisted braking as you arrest a fall manually by pulling down on the rope to lock off.

Guide Mode

  • Independent and self-locking belaying of one or two seconding climbers
  • Controlled release of a second climber under tension, by placing a krab in the purpose-made hole

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