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DMM - Boa HMS (25KN) C Bar Karabiner

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Main Features of the DMM Boa C Bar Karabiner

  • Big and beefy, clean nose HMS belay karabiner
  • Supplied with an optional 'C-bar' that can be used to keep the karabiner attached to your harness
  • Large gate opening
  • Great for rigging and belay situations: can accommodate several knots
  • Strong I-Beam construction
  • Weight: 83g
  • Certifications: EN 12275, EN 362, UIAA 121

Although the 'Big' Boa is a large biner, it is also surprisingly light. The Big Boa's unique shape provides you with huge amounts of space so it is a perfect belay biner, and can accommodate several knots so is very useful in belay situations. It is also easy to use when wearing gloves so will appeal to winter climbers too.

It is supplied with a 'C Bar' (Captive Bar) that is used to keep the karabiner attached to a harness. This is aimed at centre and group use. Without the bar it is exactly the same as any other HMS karabiner except it has two small holes that have no bearing on performance at all.

DMM Boa HMS Screwgate Karabiner
Strengths Gate Opening Weight
Closed Gate - 25kN 25mm 83g
Open Gate - 8kN
Minor Axis - 10kN
Have used these for years. No need to use the bar unless you want it permanently attached to something. It's exactly the same apart from the tiny holes for the bar. Always good service with urban rock
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