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DMM - Dragon Cam Size 2

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Main Features of the DMM Dragon Cam

  • Camming device with double-axle design for extended expansion range
  • Smooth camming action
  • Constant 13.75° camming angle
  • Hot forged cams that combine lightness with strength
  • TripleGrip cam lobes for extra gripping power
  • Extendable 8mm dyneema sling
  • Strong springs help create a stable placement that resists walking
  • Anodised cams for corrosion prevention
  • Colour coded for easy size recognition
  • Made in Wales

The DMM Dragon Cam has Hot-forged cam lobes featuring a raw aluminium contact area for greater friction, together with added bite points, trim off any excess weight and the extendable 8mm dyneema sling allows you to lengthen the runner to reduce drag and stop the device from walking.

The newly designed lobes have triple the number of pronounced edges increasing the ‘bite’ on crystals and micro-features in the rock. The overall result of the TripleGrip surface is greater holding power and less chance of the cam ‘walking’ into a crack.

The 13.75° camming angle is generally considered to be the optimum angle for a balance of holding power and expansion.

DMM Dragon
Size Colour Range Strength Weight
00 Blue 13-21mm 10kN, 9kN (Cams open) 75g
0 Silver 16-25mm 14kN, 12kN (Cams open) 85g
1 Purple 20-33mm 14kN 103g
2 Green 24-41mm 14kN 117g
3 Red 29-50mm 14kN 128g
4 Gold 38-64mm 14kN 154g
5 Blue 50-85mm 14kN 208g
6 Silver 68-114mm 14kN 299g

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