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DMM - Freedom Leash (With Karabiners)

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Main Features of the DMM Freedom Leash (With Karabiners)

  • Elastic and webbing sling for leashless climbing, to prevent you loosing your tools
  • Compatible with almost any ice axe
  • Halfway clip in point
  • Won't impede any movement and allows maximum arm extension when required
  • Two DMM Phantom Karabiners supplied
  • Weight: 94g

The DMM Freedom leashes are larks footed onto Your harness belay loop and the phantom carabiners are clipped to the bottom of the axes. Sometimes adding a small loop of accessory cord through the bottom of the axes and clipping to this helps keep the handles ergonomically free.

As an addition, The Freedom Leash has half length recovery loops. Whilst the units are not rated as PPE, and the application of load/body weight is not to be recommended/endorsed, if a climber slumps rather than falls on to the axes and the leashes hold, the leashes stretch, making the handles of your axes out of reach. The half length loops allow the clipping of a quickdraw to gently pull yourself back to your axes.

Please note: The double spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 2kN

The Freedom Leash is also available without karabiners

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