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DMM - Peenuts Set 1-5

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Main Features of the DMM Peenut Set

  • Offset tapered alloy shape
  • Offset shape has been designed to optimise placements in flared cracks
  • Hot forged
  • Colour coded for easy size identification
  • Set of sizes 1-5

The DMM Peenuts are designed for those little flared placements where a normal nut won't fit. They are in their element on quarried rock or in old peg scars. They also fit perfectly into cracks on slate or in the mountains. A very versatile small nut.

The DMM Peenuts are the equivalent in size to the small Wallnuts roughly from size ½ to 3, and the colour coded anodising fits in as well.

DMM Peenuts
Size Colour Strength Weight
1 Red 4kN 9g
2 Grey 5kN 10g
3 Purple 5kN 10g
4 Green 8kN 16g
5 Silver 8kN 18g

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