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Main Features of the DMM Pivot

  • Lightweight, multi-purpose belay device with guide/direct belay mode
  • Pivot ensures easy rope control, especially when lowering in guide mode
  • Guide mode: independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers
  • A great choice for muti-pitch alpine, trad routes and ice climbs where direct belays are common place
  • Quick changeovers from guide mode to belaying the leader when climbing multi-pitch route
  • Grooved sidewalls for increased braking power during a leader or top rope fall or while rappelling
  • V-shaped friction channels: increased friction on thin ropes, friction is adapted for larger diameter ropes
  • Karabiner hole to release device when loaded in guide mode
  • Suitable for ropes from 7.5mm to 11mm. Optimised for 8mm to 10.5mm
  • Usage diagrams engraved on device
  • Weight: 72g
  • Materials: Hot forged aluminium body

The DMM Pivot is a versatile, functional and innovative, belay device that caters for modern belaying techniques with modern ropes to provide optimum performance when belaying from the harness, or when belaying direct from an anchor. The Pivot provides smooth paying out, a secure and confident catch, and controlled lowering.

When in guide/direct mode, the Pivot shifts the lever arrangement to allow controlled and easily initiated lowering. Its is extremely smooth so even with a weighty second, the belayer can lower one, both, or either second with total control using the specially shaped biner cavity. When you finish your route and are ready to go down, the Pivot will be a trustworthy abseil partner for the return to the base. Perfect for alpine, winter, and multi-pitch trad. All of these features are wrapped up in a package weighing only 72g.

Belaying works the same as any normal atc style device however the pivot comes in to it's own when having to lower a second in guide mode. I have only had to do it once and the pivot made it easy and stress free unlike other belay device that have a guide mode.
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