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DMM - Revolver Screwgate

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Main Features of the DMM Revolver Screwgate

  • Unique karabiner with drag reducing pulley wheel
  • Strong and lightweight I Beam construction
  • Wire gate to save weight
  • Shrouded nose
  • Weight: 63g

If you've ever experienced bad rope drag, you'll know it can feel like you're pulling up an elephant on the other end of the rope. To combat this the DMM Revolver has a small pulley wheel integrated into the top apex of the biner.

In practice when you place a sling or quickdraw with a revolver on the rope end, at a big change in direction - e.g when you are going to climb around a corner or over an overhang - the pulley wheel will turn as the rope feeds though thus greatly reducing the rope drag. Impact forces are also reduced, as with less friction at the runner the rope can absorb shock a lot more effectively, making crap gear that little bit better.

Even with the added pulley DMM have managed to make the Revolver nice and light, so carrying a couple shouldn't be much of a problem!

DMM Revolver Karabiner
Strengths Gate Opening Weight
Closed Gate - 24kN 16mm 63g
Open Gate - 9kN
Minor Axis - 8kN

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