DMM - Torque Nuts

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Main Features of the DMM Torque Nut

  • Large curved camming nuts
  • Designed to give maximum camming range
  • Double sling for quick, easy extension
  • Colour coded 8mm dyneema sling
  • Counter-sunk groove in the top of the nut protects the sling
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Anodised for easy size identification and corrosion resistance

The DMM Torque Nut is DMM's solution to large passive protection. They work equally well when placed like a large nut or "torqued" as a camming device. Because of the curved sides and inovative design the Torque Nut's can cover a large size range with only 4 units, saving weight from your rack. Another weight saving feature is the colour coded dyneema sling that is doubled over so you can extend your placements when required, allowing you to cut down on the number of quickdraws carried.

Colour coded anodising fits in with other DMM protection pieces.

DMM Torque Nut
Size Colour Strength Weight
1 Green 14kN 54g
2 Red 10kN 70g
3 Gold 14kN 104g
4 Blue 14kN 146g
1-4 - - 374g

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