DMM - Wallnuts Sizes 1 to 6

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Main Features of the DMM Wallnuts

  • Curved alloy nuts on wire
  • Refined 3D shape
  • Transverse taper
  • Anodised colour coding for easy size selection
  • Upside down sealed label for easy identification
  • Available in 11 sizes or as a set

The DMM Wallnut is a classic alloy nut on wire, the curved shape has been refined over the years to make them lighter without losing strength. The scooped convex face (and concave in the larger sizes) increases security in shallow placements and sits nicely around lumps or crystals in the crack. A slight transverse taper on the minor axis gives greater security in slightly flared placements.

Coloured anodising protects the nut from corrosion and aids size identification. Colours are standardised with all DMM and Wild Country passive protection, eg. a no.11 Wallnut is the same size and colour as a no.11 Rock, a size 1 Torque Nut and a size 5 Rockcentric.

DMM Wallnuts sizes 7 and 8 are available as well as a great value Set of Sizes one to eleven

DMM Wallnut
Size Colour Strength Weight
1 Pink 7/4kN 15g
2 Green 9kN 26g
3 Silver 11kN 28g
4 Gold 12kN 30g
5 Blue 12kN 32g
6 Red 12kN 39g
7 Grey 12kN 40g
8 Turquoise 12kN 45g
9 Gold 12kN 50g
10 Silver 12kN 56g
11 Green 12kN 68g

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