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Edelrid - Ohm Assisted-Braking Resistor

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Main Features of the Edelrid Ohm

  • Increases friction on the rope to help climbing partners with a significant difference in weight
  • More control when lowering a much heavier climber
  • OHM is attached at the first bolt in the safety chain
  • OHM significantly reduces the risk of a possible ground fall from the first bolt
  • Rope handling when belaying a lead climber is not affected (no additional friction when paying out rope)
  • Includes: karabiner, quickdraw and maillon
  • Recommended weight difference (lead climber > belayer): 10 - 40 kg
  • Minimum belayer weight: 40kg
  • For single ropes: 8.9 - 11 mm
  • Weight: 470g

The Edelrid Ohm is an assisted braking resistor that is designed to increase friction on the rope, helping climbing partners with a significant difference in weight. In the event of a fall, the Ohm increases rope friction so that a lighter belayer can hold a heavier partner with greater ease. The device does not stop the rope abruptly; instead it progressively brakes the speed at which the rope runs through, so that the belayer can still dynamically arrest the fall. This stops the belayer from being thrown in to the wall. There is more control when lowering the climbing however paying out rope to the lead climber is not affected.

The Ohm benefits both climber and belayer: The belayer wont be pulled against the wall in an uncontrolled manner and the climber can climb to their limit without having to worry that their belayer might not be able to hold them if they fall.

To see all the features of the Edelrid Ohm in-depth please see the video bellow:

The Ohm is great and still lets me belay exactly the same as before. I heavily recommend using this if you're lighter than your partner. Although I thought it was slightly expensive it is definitely worth it.
If you're light buy this! My boyfriend is a lot heavier than me and this stops me hitting the first bolt if he takes a big fall!!
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