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Grivel - Simple Double Spring Leash

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Main Features of the Grivel Simple Double Spring Leash

  • Elastic and webbing sling for leashless climbing, to prevent you loosing your tools
  • Compatible with almost any ice axe
  • Long when required, short when required
  • Won't impede any movement and allows maximum arm extension when required
  • Please note: Karabiners not included
  • Weight: 102g

As more and more climbers use leashless tools in all types of climbing situations, the problem of dropping a tool becomes very real! The Grivel Double Spring Leash is a v-shaped sprung sling made from a combination of elastic and webbing. It has two looped ends to which you can attach a karabiner, and one end with a tape loop. You attach the two karabiners in to the holes in the bottom of your tools (Sometimes a cord loop is needed to attach to each tool if the holes are too small) and then larks foot the single end into your harness belay loop.

As you reach to place a tool, the sling extends allowing you to place your axes where you want, even crossing over and placing a tool on your shoulder. If you drop a tool the spring leash holds it dangling below you for you to pull back up again

Important: The double spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber, or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 200kg.

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