La Sportiva - Maverink

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Main Features of the La Sportiva Maverink

  • Recommended use: Steep Bouldering
  • Fit: Medium-Slim; Down-turned
  • Stiffness: Soft
  • Upper: Leather, Lorica®
  • Sole: Vibram® XS Grip2™
  • Fastening: Elastic
  • noedge concept®

The La Sportiva Maverink is an ideal slip on shoe for steep bouldering where sensitivity is crucial. Similar to the La Sportiva Speedster, it features the No-Edge concept which makes for enhanced feedback from rock to foot with maximum surface area contact, but crucially Sportiva have 'detuned' the tension to reduce pressure on the foot and make extended wear more comfortable. The Maverinks, therefore, are an ideal technical shoe for younger climbers who are graduating from junior models yet would still benefit from a little extra softness and give for feet that have not yet finished growing.

Having used the Speedsters before I love the no edge technology and I wanted another slipper with the no edge. The Maverick doesn't disappoint! Super snug fit, a quick break in time and cool looking!
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