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Lapis - Rollyball (Large)

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Main Features of the Lapis Rollyball (Small)

  • 2 Portable climbing trainers: Hang where you want, for grip training and core strength
  • Easy to put up: can be hung from a pull-up bar or secure beam
  • Multiple grip choice
  • Perfect for those lacking space
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Made from a resin composite similar to climbing wall holds
  • Fine grained texture: grippy, but skin-friendly
  • Ball diameter: 10cm

Lapis Rollyballs are a great training aid for climbing grip and core strength. They are easy to put up using a climbing sling or a piece of rope (not supplied) and are designed to be hung from a pull up bar or secure beam.

Once hung the Lapis Rollyball can be used in a variety of ways. If held and cupped over the top, the Rollyballs are much easier to hold as this simulates holding onto a fairly good sloper. If you grip from the bottom or from the sides, a powerful grip is required as these positions simulate a hard pinch grip, ideal for tuffa training!

Of course, due to the nature of holding non-stationary objects, your core will get an excellent work out as well as you fight to stop yourself swinging.

Please note: The Lapis Rollyball comes also comes in a Small. The smaller size is generally easier to hold, as you can get your hand right around the ball for a better grip. Make sure that the anchor points you choose can withstand the loads you will be placing on them, and that they can't slide or move while you use them. It is easy to underestimate the force you will be able to generate when using.

The Rollyball (Large) comes in assorted colours - Please feel free to Contact us if you would like to know what colours we currently have available.

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