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Lapis - Rollybar

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Main Features of the Lapis Rollybar

  • Rotating pull-up bar for climbing training
  • Easy to put up: can be hung from a pull-up bar or secure beam
  • Wider than a pull-up bar: concenrates a more slopey grip
  • Trains grip strength, core and upper body
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Made from a resin composite similar to climbing wall holds
  • Fine grained texture: grippy, but skin-friendly
  • Dimensions: Length - 78.5cm, diameter - 8cm
  • Weight: 4.4kg

The Lapis Rollybar is a pull up bar with a twist - literally. Instead of remaining stationary, it has enclosed ball-bearings in each end which cause the bar to rotate when you grip it. It is easy to put up using climbing slings or a piece of rope (not supplied) and is designed to be hung from a pull up bar or secure beam.

As you grip the Rollybar you can feel it start to turn, so the idea is to keep your core strong and your body still, as you do a pull up, or deadhang. As soon as you start to try to use too much momentum to flick your body up, the bar twists and gets harder to hold.

There is a ridge running the length of the bar which is designed to make it easier to hold if you grip the Rollybar with the ridge under your fingers. You can also secure the bar with a screw to stop it twisting all together if you'd rather use the Rollybar as a slopey pull-up bar.

As well as a great training aid, The Rollybar is great fun to use, especially with a few friends as you watch each other attempt different hangs and pull-ups whilst trying not to get spun off!

The Rollybar comes in assorted colours - Please feel free to Contact us if you would like to know what colours we currently have available.

Definitely gets you strong! The bar can be loosened as you get stronger. Defo worth getting if you have the space
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