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Maillon Rapide - Semi Circular - Steel 10mm (PPE)

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Main Features of the Maillon Rapide Semi Circular Steel 10mm (PPE)

10mm diameter, semi-circular quick link in steel.

Maillon Rapide (PPE Industry/PPE Mountain)
Maillon Major Axis Minor axis Size(Length) Weight
Semi Circular Alloy 10mm (PPE) 25kN 10kN 86mm 53g
Semi Circular Steel 10mm (PPE) 45kN 10kN 86mm 150g
Standard Alloy 10mm (PPE) 25kN 10kN 89mm 137g
Standard Stainless Steel 10mm (PPE) 90kN 10kN 89mm 143g
Standard Steel 8mm (PPE) 35kN 10kN 70mm 77g
Standard Steel 10mm (PPE) 55kN 10kN 89mm 141g
Standard Steel 10mm Black (PPE) 55kN 10kN 89mm 141g
Delta Steel 10mm (PPE) 31.25kN 10kN 51mm 150g
Large Opening Steel 10mm (PPE) 50kN 10kN 105.5mm 161g

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