Metolius - Campus Rungs - Medium

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Main Features of Metolius Campus Board Rungs Medium

  • Pack of 5 Rungs
  • Medium: 25mm x 406mm
  • Made from spruce wood due to its desirable combination of hardness, workability, finish characteristics and friction properties
  • Each rung has both an incut and flat side to give flexibility of use depending on ability and exercise intensity.

Metolius Campus Board Rungs have been carefully designed to ensure that they are user friendly with perfectly rounded edges and a choice of three sizes to suit ability and exercise intensity.

The campus board was designed in the 1980's by legendary climber Wolfgang Gullich and was quickly adopted by the climbing elite as a training tool specifically focused on increasing explosive power and contact strength in the arms and fingers.

A campus board consists quite simply of a slightly overhanging wooden board with evenly spaced wooden rungs that are used as holds. The board usually starts at head height in order to provide enough clearance for the body and legs to move.

Also available in sizes Small and Large.

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