Metolius - Foundry Fingerboard

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Main Features of the Metolius Foundry Fingerboard

  • Compact but fully featured
  • Massive variety of holds: Jugs, Pinches and Pockets
  • CNC milled for perfect symmetry
  • Tapers from top to bottom to give greater forearm clearance and clear progression to smaller holds
  • Fits neatly above most doorways
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Comes with training leaflet
  • Dimensions: 578mm x 216mm (22.75"x 8.5" )

Ideal if space is at a premium The Foundry Board has a great assortment of holds will enable gradual progression and the well placed jugs provide a vital tool for warming up all helping to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your training.

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