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Metolius - PAS 22

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Main Features of the Metolius PAS 22

  • Personal Anchor System with 11mm webbing that passes the CE/UIAA Sling Standard
  • Lightweight and versatile - ideal for equalising anchors or hanging from a lower-off while re-threading
  • Can be clipped on any loop: easy and quick to adjust distance from belay
  • Longer end can be larks-footed into your harness
  • Safer than daisy chains: all loops are full strength (daisy chains are designed for body weight applications only)
  • Safer, more convenient and more adjustable than using slings or quickdraws at the anchor
  • Compact storage
  • Contrasting colour on end loop simplifies use
  • Material: 11mm Dyneema® Monster Sling webbing
  • Overall length: 96 cm
  • Weight: 94g
  • Strength:22kN

The Metolius PAS 22 helps build belays quickly and efficiently. Each dyneema loop is full strength which means you can clip any loop into your anchors and quickly equalise your belay or have the sling at the most comfortable and secure length required.

The PAS 22 is also easy to rack as you can clip all of the sling loops into one karabiner and clip it onto your harness.

Please Note: Assorted Colours

Been using this to make belays, not bad!
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