Metolius - Rock Rings 3D™

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Main Features of the Metolius Rock Rings 3D™

  • 2 Portable climbing trainers: Hang where you want, for pull ups and upper body workouts
  • Holds include: Large jug, deep incut 4-finger pocket, 4-finger flat edge and a 3-finger pocket
  • Tapered from top to bottom to give greater forearm clearance
  • Allows rotation of joints for injury prevention
  • Perfect for those lacking space
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Dimensions: 184mm x 146mm x 57mm
  • Please note that colour shades and patterns may vary from the images shown.

Metolius Rock Rings 3D™ are two independent units that you can hang up pretty much anywhere. They are great for pull-up exercises and upper body workouts and are extremely portable.

Rock Rings can be suspended from any solid anchor point, a pull-up bar, tree branch, eye-hooks in an exposed beam or framing member, etc. Ideally, the rings should hang near the height of your full extension, but anyplace with enough height to get your feet off the ground and adequate headroom will suffice.

Make sure that the anchor points you choose can withstand the loads you will be placing on them, and that they can't slide or move while the rings are in use. It is easy to underestimate the force you will be able to generate when using them...

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