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Metolius - Simulator 3D Fingerboard

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Main Features of the Metolius Simulator 3D Fingerboard

  • One of the best and most versatile resin fingerboards around
  • Massive variety of holds: large jugs, 4 finger pockets, tiny 3 finger crimps, edges, slopers and 2 finger pockets
  • CNC milled for perfect symmetry
  • Holds are arranged along a broad arc to be more ergonomic and less damaging for the fingers
  • Tapers from top to bottom to give greater forearm clearance and clear progression to smaller holds
  • Fits neatly above most doorways
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Comes with training leaflet
  • Dimensions: 711mm x 222mm (28"x 8.75" )

Choosing the right board is important, especially if you're new to finger strength training. The Metolius Simulator 3D's fantastic assortment of holds will enable gradual progression and the well placed jugs provide a vital tool for warming up all helping to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your training.

There is also a line of progressively smaller central pockets for working that 1 arm strength lock-offs!

Also available as the more compact Project Fingerboard

Bought this to try and improve my strength, lots of different holds and seems to be working
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