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Metolius - Wood Grips II Compact

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Main Features of the Metolius Wood Grips Compact Fingerboard

  • Compact, wooden, skin-friendly fingerboard
  • Featuring a good assortment of holds including jugs, slopers, edges and pockets
  • Great for those new to fingerboard training
  • Wood provides enough friction whilst being less skin intensive than traditional resin boards
  • Fits neatly above most doorways
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Comes with training leaflet
  • Dimensions: 24” x 6.2” (610 mm x 157 mm)

The Wood Grips Compact Fingerboard is perfect for beginners and those wanting to train upper body strength without being too finger or skin intensive. Its small size makes it perfect for those lacking space and allows it to blend easily into a more sophisticated background! The Compact Wood Grips features jugs, slopers, pockets and edges!

Also available with more hold options as the larger Wood Grips Fingerboard

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