Petzl - Bandi Chalk Bag

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Main Features of the Petzl Bandi Chalk Bag

  • Classic medium sized chalk bag
  • Reinforced rim helps to keep it open for easy access
  • Stands up on it's own
  • Brush holder (Brush NOT included)
  • Double loops for stability allow easy attachment to a belt or Karabiner
  • Micro-fleece interior: ensures good transfer of chalk to the hand
  • Bag comes with adjustable waist belt
  • Weight: 75g

The Petzl Bandi is a classic cylinder shaped chalk bag. It's classic round shape with reinforced large opening allows for easy access and the chalk bag can be opened with only one hand should you forget to open it before you start climbing.

Service was good as always. A cool chalk bag. It keeps it's circular shape and fits plenty of chalk.
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