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Main Features of the Petzl Nomic

  • Excellent, well balanced, leashless, technical ice/mixed climbing tool
  • Ergonomic over-moulded handle offers multiple grip options
  • Grip can be adjusted to fit the size of the hand and glove.
  • Less pick shift when switching hands
  • Supplied with T-rated ICE pick for easy ice penetration
  • Supplied with pick weights
  • T-rated shaft
  • GRIPTAPE on the upper handle provides better grip and thermal insulation
  • Serrated blade under the GRIPREST for better hold
  • Fully modular head: Can add hammer, adze or pick weights
  • Weight: 605g per tool
  • Length: 50cm
  • Pick: Chromoly steel
  • Shaft: Aluminium

Please note: Also available as a Pair Deal

The Petzl Nomic is an excellent leashless ice tool which combines stunning balance with a great design. When holding the Nomic, the grip can be held in three different ways, which enables almost any kind of grip combination whilst hooking or torquing.

The main grip is extremely comfortable and feels very natural when held with your index finger on the Trigrest. You can also hold the Nomic on the secondary grip with your little finger on the Trigrest. Changing the grip in this way helps to ease the pump in your forearms thus helping you to move with more confidence on the ice. The secondary grip is also useful when swapping tools, double gripping or hooking your tools.

The Nomic is designed so that the weight is distributed towards the tip of the pick, which makes the swing more efficient enabling you to use powerful swings and precise placements.

The pick itself is designed to work with the handle's multiple grips and each grip position corresponds to a specific tooth on the pick for increased holding power. This also makes the Nomic incredibly well balanced and the geometry is engineered to reduce pick shift when changing hand positions.

The grip size can be adjusted: three positions to accommodate different hand sizes or glove combinations, and there is grip tape on the upper handle which provides better grip and thermal insulation.

Please note: A Griprest with a serrated blade under it to provide a bit of grip when holding the tool by the head and using it for balance is now available for purchase separately. This can be put onto old style Nomics.

Petzl have a T rated Ice Pick and a T rated mixed pick (which Petzl call their Dry Pick) available separately. The Dry Pick has teeth on the top of the pick and is the same thickness as the 'Ice Pick. Both picks are interchangeable with the original Nomic.

It is also possible to fix a Hammer or Adze to the 'Ice Pick' or 'Dry Pick' if you need to. These are available for purchase separately. Hammers or Adzes cannot be added to the original Nomic if you are using the old style picks.

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