Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Policy

Our price match policy is simple. If we can match or slightly beat another retailers price we will.

The product you wish to purchase must be the exact same model, same size and colour as is shown and be in stock at the retailer you wish us to match.

Any shipping costs from the other retailer or ourselves will be taken into consideration.

We can’t match auction sites or private sellers on Forums or market place websites.

If you’d like us to price match a product please contact us, preferably with a link to the product you wish us to match and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends)

Non Stock Items

We may be able to price match an item from a manufacturer we deal with that is not listed on our website.

Please feel free to contact us with a link to the products you wish us to match and we’ll contact you with a price and an approximate delivery time. Please give us 24 hours to respond excluding weekends.