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Prohands - GripMaster - 4 Strengths

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Main Features of Prohands Gripmaster

  • Finger and hand exerciser: develops & maintains hand, wrist & forearm strength and endurance
  • Individual finger control
  • 4 Strengths: Yellow: Extra Light, Blue: light, Red: medium, Black: heavy

The Prohands Gripmaster is a hand exerciser that enables you to individually isolate each finger. This is great for climbers especially if you have a finger injury which you want to rehabilitate or one particularly weak finger.

The Gripmaster fits comfortably into the palm of your hand so you can squeeze away when sitting at your desk, or watching TV. As mentioned above the Gripmaster can be used to either strengthen your fingers, hands and forearms or to help you recover from injury with the gradual light exercise it provides.

The Gripmaster comes in three different colours, each one having a bit more resistance.

Yellow: 3lbs per finger (extra light resistance), Blue: 5lbs per finger (light resistance), Red: 7lbs per finger (medium resistance) and Black: 9lbs per finger (heavy resistance)

For even more grip and heavy resistance (11lbs per finger) try the Gripmaster Pro

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