Smellwell - Shoe Freshener Inserts

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Main Features of Smellwell Shoe Freshener Inserts

  • Two deodoriser pouches for your climbing shoes
  • Moisture absorbing with a fresh scent
  • Designed in Sweden.
  • Super effective for the stinkiest shoes
  • Contains: activated bamboo charcoal and a proprietary blend of minerals and absorbants
  • Sold as a pair

The best solution we've found for stinky climbing shoes. Smellwell shoe inserts are the most convenient way to keep your climbing shoes or any other footwear fresh and ready for use. Supplied as a pair in a range of colours.

Smellwell shoe inserts may take a day or two to deal with some footwear odours and will generally last for 3 or 4 months depending on the amount of moisture they have absorbed. If the crystals solidify due to being exposed to a lot of moisture you can crush them up and get them working again. Do not wash them !

These are very good. They don't completely get rid of the smell but do drastically help. I've had mine for almost a year now and they still work as if they are brand new.
Definitely keeps the smell of my shoes to a minimum!!
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