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DMM - Spectre 2 Quickdraw

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Main Features of the DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraw

  • Super-light, wiregate quickdraw
  • Lengths: 12cm, 18cm, 25cm
  • I-beam back construction for strength and lightness
  • 8.5mm rope bearing radius which makes it a very rope friendly biner
  • Straitjacket insert keeps the bottom carabiner properly oriented
  • Easy to use even with a gloved hand
  • 11mm dyneema sling: 22kN
  • Weight: 73g (12cm), 76g (18cm), 80g (25cm)

The DMM Spectre 2 superlight quickdraw is a near perfect size/weight compromise. If you just want one quickdraw to do everything whether its sport or trad, summer or winter, roadside crag or alpine, the Spectre 2 Quickdraw is well worth considering.

Original DMM Spectre / Spectre 2 comparison

The Spectre 2 is a whopping 3g lighter than before (alright it doesn't sound like much, but apply that to every one of the 35+ biners on an average trad rack and it soon adds up), and it manages to retain the large size and gate opening that made the original Spectre such a good all round workhorse krab.

Strength wise it's still rated at 24kN in the major axis, 1kN stronger in the minor axis but it has lost 1 kN gate open (still a respectable 9kN though). It's shrouded nose and low mass wiregate means that the gate open strength is less important than with a solid gate.

The overall shape has been tweaked too. It's now less triangular more quadrilateral (just like a scaled-up phantom) and feels even nicer to use than before.

DMM Spectre 2 Karabiner
Strengths Gate Opening Weight
Closed Gate - 24kN 25mm 32g
Open Gate - 9kN
Minor Axis - 7kN

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