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Crimp Oil - Acupuncture Ring

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Main Features of Crimp Oil Acupuncture Rings

  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps relieve finger pain, numb fingers, or tiredness in fingers
  • Great for warming up

Crimp Oil Acupuncture Rings are great for massaging your fingers. They relieve finger pain and can be used for warming up. The ring increases blood flow and provide an almost instant soothing effect. Roll the ring up and down your finger for 2 minutes for best use.

The crimp oil accupuncture ring has massively helped recover from a small finger injury. I had pulled an A2 pulley and thought I'd give this a go. It stopped the bruising pain significantly after the first day of using it. It's also great for warming up. I couldn't recommend this more if you have had a finger injury.
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