Y & Y - Plasfun Belay Glasses

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Main Features of the Y & Y Plasfun

  • Belay glasses with double vision
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses
  • Solid plastic frame
  • Includes case, mini karabiner, instructions, microfibre cloth, mini screwdriver, rope retainer
  • Weight: 36g

The Y & Y Plasfun Belay Glasses are made from solid plastic. They allow the belayer to belay for long periods of times without neck ache as the glasses act as a periscope allowing the belayer to see the climber without looking up. The high quality optics provide a clear vision whilst the light, stainless steel frames keep the weight down. The double vision allows the belayer to see regularly when looking down.

I was recommended by a friend to get a pair and they work much better than I thought they would. Super clear and my neck no longer aches!
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